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The news and information in this section will be from varying sources.  Not all sources are equal, and horse sense will be used to comment on the news or information as needed.  Please don’t hesitate to do your own research as well.  Better informed, better decisions.



Patented Technology for Wild Horse Management

John Barilaro calls for NSW halt to brumby removal as Victoria delays planned cull

'Gutted' Interior agency moves out West with top posts unfilled

Protesters keep up fight to save brumbies in high country

There is a scare in the air for wild horses

Fury as wild horses face brutal cull in Australia - herd of 5,000 damage nature reserve

‘It’s a pretty simple concept’: Officials urge people to stop petting wild horses

Amid conflict over Salt River horses, a controversial fence is finished

‘Together, we can save these horses’: outrage at planned brumby cull

BLM says cost of curbing wild horse overpopulation could be staggering



Wild horse rescued from Sundre-area bog

Nonprofit believes fences intentionally destroyed, led to Salt River horses on highway

Lower Salt River: Tonto National Forest urges visitors not to cut fences, destroy gates


I-Team: Examining methods to control wild horse population

Famed Chincoteague ponies have died because of swamp cancer outbreak. A new vaccine may be helping.

Public comments on wild horse plan in review


Ochoco National Forest seeks comments on wild horse management plan update

Rare Animals in China: Przewalski's horse and onager donkey

Conservation Groups Revive Effort to Stop Wild Horse Removals


Mustangs may be wild, but once broken, they bring joy

VP Ma’ruf Amin jokes on benefits of wild horse milk to ward off coronavirus

Wild horse advocates aren’t the only ones stretching the truth when talking about free-roaming horses!

BLM to test fertility vaccine as way to manage wild horses

BLM preferred plan would remove 1,500 horses from range

BLM seeks bids for off-range corrals for wild horses, burros

BLM concludes wild horse, burro gather operation last month

Devil’s Garden Horses for sale with limitations at Backcountry Horsemen Rendezvous

Humans domesticated horses: New tech could help archaeologists figure out where and when



Humans domesticated horses – new tech could help archaeologists figure out where and when

Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Welfare Society takes on next muster challenge

Wild horse inmate study approved by house

Over 1,700 wild horses in Nevada and Utah removed, relocated

Forest Service plans to reduce number of wild horses in Heber

Brumbies in NSW National Parks pose a bigger problem not addressed by feral animal cull

Letter to the Editor – Wild horses

Thousands of feral horses to be removed from national park after Australian wildfires

This Secluded Nova Scotia Island Has More Wild Horses Than Humans

Joanna Grossman: Failed BLM policies, not wild horses, are destroying the landscape

Poll after poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly cherish horses and support protecting them from harm.  That belief is reflected in the landmark Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, federal legislation that mandates these animals be “protected from capture … harassment or death” due to their unique status as “living symbols of … the West.”

Unfortunately the BLM has to deal with reality, not a belief.  The wild horse and burro act of 1971 is based on belief and, as almost 50 years of experience has shown, does not work in the real world.


WPM’s Humane, High-Tech System Meets Federal Demands for Non-Lethal Control of Wild Horse and Burro Populations

Everyone wants a piece of the pie!

Docu-series on Xeni Gwet’in wild horses premieres tonight, Jan. 20


Forest officials confirm additional deaths of wild horses

'We've got a problem': After horse massacre, Kentucky lawmakers want to rein in wild herd

All God’s creatures

Fencing project to protect Salt River horses sparks controversy


Group Seeks Postponement Of Planned Roundup Of Wild Horses


“It’s 2020. Can’t We Do Better Than This?”

For years, Death Valley fought a losing battle against wild burros. A nonprofit seeks to change that

AWHC releases “Best & worst of 2019 for wild horses”

Douglas proclaims support for Fish Springs herd

Letter: Nevada treats wildlife poorly

Federal officials to resume wild horse roundups south of Ely

Un-wilding wild horse lands


Federal officials to resume wild horse roundups south of Ely

Un-wilding wild horse lands

'A distinct identity:' Advocacy group wants protection for Alberta's wild horses

deforestation of America to fuel U.S. cattle industry exports to China?

Undefendable misinformation and conspiracy theories!

Stop wild horse slaughter

Horse slaughter plants are needed!

Wild Mismanagement

Wild horse advocates are a lot like Trump.  Neither are able to defend their claims so they spread misinformation and conspiracy theories!

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